Eve Sorenson - Wednesday, 18th June 2014

I adore this site. I will be taking a quick trip to Ireland in a few weeks and because I only have a few days will likely only be visiting County Clare and Galway. I am hoping to stop off to see a few of the monuments that you have documented. Thank you!

. - Tuesday, 30th July 2013


LC Houtsma - Tuesday, 30th July 2013

Coming for 10 years in Ireland now. So I'm a bit done with the touristic attractions, Especially in the Kenmare / Killarney region. So now I'm trying to see the things that not all the tourists see like ruined castles, ringforts and stonecircles. Especially the stonecircles raise my interest. Why? I don't know exactly...think it is a treasure to find them. I've been to Dromatouk so far and yes... I also saw the one in Kenmare.... but that is not a challenge! This year I tried to find the ones at Lackaroe and Drombohilly, but didn't succeed. Maybe next year I will. It is a pleasure to read your stories and see the pictures. At least I know what it should look like. Maybe the pictures will also help me to find them next time. This weekend I'm going to do a cursion learning to use a GPS-system. I hope that will make the sites easier to find. I hope I'm still in time to see the stonecircles in a rather good shape. Or to be able to reach them anyway as there are more fences and houses now than a couple of years ago. it is shocking me that the stonecircles are lately so overgrown with grass and trees. I think I should leave them the way they are... but I feel like taking some tools with me to take away the grass and to put the trees somewhere else! These sites are here for so long and I get the feeling that people / farmers / landowners are taking so little care of there cultural heritage. Because it suites them better now in farming, in a couple of years sites will be destroyed while the sites were there already for so long, much longer existing than farmers / landowners are or ever will! People are only here on earth for a short while, so who are we to destroy such ancient sites?! I think the Irish (landowners / farmers) should be proud of there heritage and should protect it. There is so much farmland in Ireland, than why should they farm near such ancient sites?! Isn't there an organisation that protects such sites?

Terence - Friday, 11th May 2012

I'm very impressed with your dedication to Ancient Mystic
Ireland your site is very imformative I enjoy it immensely
I live under the shadow of a double Ringfort(figure of 8) here in Co.Roscommon.When on its summit you get a panoramic veiw and can see for Miles around just like our Ancient kin/folk could.Thank you for putting in the effort and all the hard work for folk like me to enjoy.
Regards Terence

Peter Vallance - Wednesday, 2nd May 2012

Yes like others cannot get contact page to work.
I bought your Monu-mental Dublin book as I was hoping to find this carved slab in it (pic follows) Any chance you know wheer it is. I am coming over to Dublin this weekend for a few days, thanks, Peter my email CENSORED
OK cannot leave url for pic. Its a carved slab with three concentric circles somewhere in Tully

Terence Shumaker - Tuesday, 20th March 2012

We're making our first visit to Ireland in September. Discovered your great site via geological web search on Ireland. We'll be staying in county Kerry and hope to visit some of this sites you have listed in such an impressively organized manner.

Thanks for your time and effort. In just a half hour I have learned an incredible amount about Irish megaliths. Any more time spent on your site could turn to "mania".

Rod Large - Wednesday, 22nd February 2012

Contact page does not work. CAn you take off the verify nonsense?

ERIC WALMSLEY - Friday, 13th January 2012

Hello,I can't get your contact page to work! I would really like a photo of the Buncarrick Stone to illustrate a chapter of my book on Dark age battles.

In particular, the photo of the stone in the sunlight, showing the shoulder on the left side (portrait shape)

Please advise cost. I will give the usual credits.

Kind Regards, Eric Walmsley

ann marie - Thursday, 12th January 2012

great site Tom, just bookmarked it so that i can work my way through all of your info. thanks for making it freely available!

James Burke - Sunday, 31st July 2011

Great work Tom.

Here's another for you one day...

Great stone circle and burial chamber here:

Kilmacoliver hill, Co Kilkenny, Tullahought village.

Nice looped walk from lovely village of Tullahough. Be aware of cattle wandering around but they didn't bother us when we climbed the hill. Kids enjoyed it too, so not too strenuous.

There's a smartphone app for it too but you won't need it. see Trail Kilkenny

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