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Tuesday, 30th December 2008

A Hazy Day In Sligo

After seeing some recent photos of Magheraghanrush (County Sligo) with the tress around it felled I had to head up there and see it for myself. I prepared myself for the usual post-nuclear-holocaust-landscape that you always get when pine plantations are cleared and I wasn't disappointed! The hillside is a mess, but the open views from the tomb and the ability to see it from a distance do make up for that. I also visited the nearby cashel & souterain and wedge tomb while I was there.

On my way to Magheraghanrush I stopped to see the ruined passage tomb at Ardloy. I suppose this could be described as a very remote outlier of the Kesh/Carrowkeel group. The two hills clearly dominate the western and southwestern skyline from the site.

After Magheraghanrush I had planned to head for the cairn and tomb on Slieve Dargan. In the end I had to decide which one of the two I would visit as the terrain is almost impassable and it was getting dark. In the end I plumped for the tomb (obviously). What an amazing gem this is! You may remember how gobsmacked I was when I visited the tomb at Croaghaun Mountain (County Sligo). Well, this is so much better! I wish I could have spent a lot more time up here, but I'd left it too late and it got very windy at the top.

Sadly, the whole day was hampered by very hazy weather, which meant that the views to Maeve's Cairn (County Sligo) were very limited. I could see it, but for photographic purposes it was quite frustrating.

All-in-all it was a wonderful day out. The open views from Magheraghanrush alone were enough to make it a great day but the Slieve Dargan passage tomb really made it special. I think this monument is the highlight of my year travelling around Ireland.

I am now planning my New Year's Day trip - I always like to try and start the year off with a trip. I might not get to anything utterly mind-blowing, but I will go to see something; I just have to be moderate on New Year's Eve!

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