Visits For November, 2005

Sunday, 27th November 2005

A Quiet Time Commeth

I had some personal business to attend to in Kilkenny today, so I though I'd get a few sites in on the journey there and back. As it turned out I didn't get to as many as I had wished. This seemed to be because my heart just wasn't in it! Quite a self-exploding revelation to me to be honest. I've slowed down a lot recently anyway and this is obviously why.

So. I have decided to take it easy for a while and just go out to the stones when it feels right! Don't worry though. Megalithomania wil continue to grow. I have many old images to add and quite a pile of books to add to the reviews section. There are also some layout/code improvements I wish to add.

I will also be trying very hard to get my book taken up by a publisher and setting up a mailing list to notify people of new features and articles as and when they appear. Hopefully I will soon regain my passion for getting blown off mountain tops and stuck up to my knees in bogs looking for old stones and will pick up where I left off in the summer, becoming a full-on-stone-hunting-madman once more.

St Lazerian's Well - Old Leighlin (Co. Carlow)Holy Well5 New Images
Castledermot (Co. Kildare)Round Tower7 New Images
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