Visits For August, 2007

Sunday, 19th August 2007

A Gentle Drive Home

We decided to take it easy on the way home, but first we would head for the beautiful stone row at Poundcarton. Alas, we didn't make it there, because there was a young and thick pine plantation in the way. We did visit the nearby stone pair, but didn't have the energy to walk up the hill to go around the plantation to reach the row. Both the row and the stone pair at Poundcarton are made of solid quartz stones.

After the beautiful quartz stone pair we simply drove up to the rock art at Boheh (see St. Patrick's Chair (County Mayo)) and then drove home.

There are several improvements to the site. I have added a +/- sign on the top menu bar to increase the font size for those of you that have struggled with the tiny text I use. I have also altered the inline Google maps to show nearest sites.

Soon I will be selling a few t-shirts that I have designed recently. These have old 19th Century drawings of monuments on them. At first there will be a limited supply of these, as I have only had a few made to 'test the water' so to speak.

Dringeen Oughter (Co. Mayo)Standing Stone5 New Images
Poundcarton (Co. Mayo)Stone Pair7 New Images
St. Patrick's Chair - Boheh (Co. Mayo)Rock Art6 New Images
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