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Sunday, 19th April 2009

Four Bullauns And A Pub (And Some More Bullauns)

Recently a friend, Andy Ryan, stopped at The Moone High Cross pub in Kildare and had a meal. Whilst sitting outside he noticed a large boulder by the door that was being used as an ashtray. Looking closer he realised that it was a bullaun stone. Then he noticed another stone over the road - surely it couldn't be. Oh yes ... another bullaun stone. Speaking to the landlady he learnt that there were two more in one of the beer gardens. Wow. Four, previously unrecorded, bullaun stones. Great spot Andy. Obviously, as soon as I heard about them I had to go and see them.

Speaking to the landlord myself I learnt that the two outside the front came from somewhere near Castledermot, while the other two were more local. Amazing. It could be that it was religious practice at these four stones that attracted early Christians to Moone and Castledermot.

As well as these four bullauns I went to see two others: one at a well and one in a great roadside position. On the way home I stopped at the Mullamast Longstone and rath and Old Kilcullen church yard to take advantage of the amazing light.

St. Brigit's Well - Morett (Co. Laois)Holy Well2 New Images
Morett (Co. Laois)Bullaun Stone4 New Images
Killone (Co. Laois)Bullaun Stone6 New Images
Moone High Cross Hotel I - Bolton Hill (Co. Kildare)Bullaun Stone4 New Images
Moone High Cross Hotel II - Bolton Hill (Co. Kildare)Bullaun Stone4 New Images
Moone High Cross Hotel III & IV - Bolton Hill (Co. Kildare)Bullaun Stone6 New Images
Mullamast Long Stone (Co. Kildare)Standing Stone3 New Images
Mullamast (Co. Kildare)Ring Fort6 New Images
Kilgowen (Co. Kildare)Standing Stone6 New Images
Old Kilcullen (Co. Kildare)High Cross4 New Images
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