Visits For February, 2009

Sunday, 1st February 2009

Sometimes It's Nice To Follow Others

Although by far the vast majority of sites I go to have been visited by other people, many of them haven't been visited for many a year, so it's nice to have the chance of going to 'new' sites that someone else has gone to recently. Much of the time I don't know what to expect from a site and sometimes it is good to break that mould.

Today's trip was mainly visiting sites recently visited by Derek, Ken. One of the sites appears in Julian Cope's book The Megalithic European. I had planned on going to a couple of other sites, but I chose the wrong route at some point during the day and by-passed two of them. I finished the day at a monument that I don't think has been visited and reported upon on the internet yet.

The day involved a holy well, a cashel, some cross-slabs, a trio of tombs, a stone row and a stone circle/kerb circle. I do like days that have a bit of variety!

City of Shrone - Shrone Beg (Co. Kerry)Stone Fort11 New Images
Shrone Beg (Co. Kerry)Grave or Cross Slab4 New Images
Shrone Beg (Co. Kerry)Kist3 New Images
Shrone Beg (Co. Kerry)Holy Well1 New Image
Monkey's Bridge - Glandine (Co. Cork)Stone Pair7 New Images
Bweeng (Co. Cork)Wedge Tomb9 New Images
Kilmaclenine (Co. Cork)Wedge Tomb12 New Images
Moneen (Co. Cork)Chambered Cairn5 New Images
Manning (Co. Cork)Stone Circle8 New Images
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